Technology planning and integration for dental specialists.

Henry Schein, Sinclair, Patterson and Adec - and that's just some of the specialized equipment, combine the imaging software CADI, Adstra, Dexis, and finally add the management software Power Practice, AbleDent, ClearDENT, and Dentrix.

All these companies provide you with essentials to operate your practice, but who is going to make them all work together?

That's where OnDeck comes into the picture. 

 We are helping over 18 offices maintain their Dental practice.  With the proper design and the right equipment, all the "technology" headaches of the past are gone, and replaced with a simple systems that work together seamlessly. 

After all isn't that what you want - business to run smoothly, without computer hassles.

With OnDeck Systems, that's what you get.  

OnDeck Systems participates in the Annual UIDDS Spring Dental Conference,  to help support education in our dental community.  Stop by and see us at our booth.

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