Managed Antivirus  

What this program allows you to do is not have to worry about renewals or the management/updating of your antivirus.   

Managed Offsite Backups 

Tired of waiting for the backup, verifying it's success and then calling it a day.  Then it's time to talk to us about our Offsite backup options.  Make your accountant happy and keep your data safe and secure... in Canada 

Managed Desktop Maintenance

Security is the focus of this program.  Updating the  security patches within windows, and performing remote maintenance on the PC to keep it running at it's optimum.  It's under the watchful eye of our Help Desk.  

Managed Server Maintenance

This program keeps your server up to date with firmware and windows server updates, ensures it's health, and utilization are good, as well it verifies performance levels, and with prefailure warnings, ensures we know of problems before they occur.